By Leah Jalfon, MHWOW Program Manager

You might have noticed a new question on the program application we added this year:

“Are there any Jewish educational resources from Moishe House staff that you need for your program?”

What you might not know is that we have six stellar Jewish educators at Moishe House who are here to help you and your friends learn about the Jewish topics you care about. I asked our educators,

“What excites your Jewish learning soul, and what could hosts come to you for?”

Here’s what they had to say. Now I want to be best friends with all of them.

Loren Berman, New York City, NY

“I am excited by the questions “What do voices in the Jewish tradition say about X?” and “How can I integrate Jewish texts and values into other creative programs?” I make it a personal practice to study Mussar/Character Trait Development & Growth, Self-Compassion, Jewish Law, and Talmud, as well as find echoes of, and challenges to, the Jewish tradition in non-canonical sources, be they the Quran, Christian Bible, Epictetus, Kahlil Gibran, or even The Economist and Harvard Business Review. I have facilitated conversations on topics ranging from Locker Room Talk, Substances, #MeToo, Incarceration, Immigration, Visiting the Sick, Hospitality, Artistic depictions of biblical events, Dating Jewishly, and New approaches to ancient ritual.”

If any of these topics interest you, email Loren at!

Myra Meskin, Los Angeles, CA

“As a rabbinical student I’m a little bit interested in everything Jewishly. But if I had to choose some favorites, I would definitely say that I love stories — texts that are often referred to as midrash or aggadah — where we get the “behind the scenes” look at our favorite biblical and rabbinic characters, what motivates them and what they might be experiencing emotionally. For me it’s a way to enter into conversations with these ancient characters on a more personal level. I also have a lot of experience with adapting halacha (Jewish law) to modern circumstances, particularly with regard to egalitarianism and women’s equality in Jewish law, as well as various ethical issues, or a modern observance of shabbat. I’ve also participated in a lot of Jewish meditation and spirituality workshops and retreats, and I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned and brought into my own spiritual practice.”

Say hi to Myra at!

Yitzhak Bronstein, Chicago, IL

“I’m happy to help out with all types of Jewish learning, particularly on the themes of social justice, mindfulness, and environmental sustainability. I’m passionate about travel and have spent years of my life backpacking abroad, so I also love putting Jewish sources in conversation with other traditions and cultures.”

You can reach out to Yitzhak at!



Faustine Sigal, Paris, France

“What makes me tick as a Jewish educator is intersections:

– Intersections between Jewish and non-Jewish knowledge on a given topic: what do some Jewish texts/people say about a topic I hadn’t seen as Jewish before and vice-versa?
– Intersections between different Jews: what do different Jewish people/communities say on the same topic? What does this diversity reflect in terms of Jewish diversity and history

Topic wise – I love learning and teaching about the expansion of the Palace of Torah to new topics brought by modern passions (scientifical progress, political movements, sustainability, Zionism, globalization of identities and of course, feminism to name a few).”

Say bonjour to Faustine at

Stay tuned to meet our RSJ Jewish educators, Olya Elshansky and Tanya Zaytseva!