We Are So Excited for WE ARE 2018!

By Rachel Southmayd, Moishe House Communications Manager

There are a lot of people out there who like to talk about what millennials don’t do. We don’t participate in organized Jewish life, we don’t take on leadership roles in our communities, we don’t give philanthropically of our time or our money.

All due respect to those people, but they’ve clearly never heard of Moishe House, especially not Moishe House’s annual WE ARE campaign.

More than 300 days of the year, Moishe House residents and Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) hosts work to create the most interesting and engaging Jewish programming for their peers. Meanwhile, a team of Moishe House staff and lay leaders work to identify and maintain relationships with federations, foundations and individual donors who believe in the young adults all over the world who are creating their own Jewish communities.

But for six weeks of the year we flip that script. We ask Moishe House residents, community members and MHWOW hosts to think of all of the time and money that Moishe House has invested in them over the course of the year and make a meaningful gift to the organization. We ask them to support their own houses and MHWOW and show that they believe in the mission and vision of Moishe House – Jewish young adults taking charge and leading the way in developing incredible, rich, unique communities – just as much as any other donor.

WE ARE matters not because of the dollars raised, although we have a goal of $110,000 in 2018, but because of the number of people who come together to make it happen. We had more than 1,900 donations last year, from far-flung places all over the world. The vast majority of them are 20-somethings, or their friends and family members. The people who run and attend Moishe House programs are the same people who are donating.

We believe in these people and every year during WE ARE, they show that they believe in us. And we couldn’t be more grateful.


The 2018 WE ARE campaign launched on October 3rd.

Be part of Moishe House’s largest single fundraising campaign yet by visiting www.moishehouse.org/weare.