By Josh Traulsen


Thank you so much to everyone that supported MHWOW and helped propel us to the top spot in this year’s WE ARE Campaign.

As of right now, MHWOW has 81 community members and community builders (more than 25% higher than last year) who have decided to make a financial commitment to support Moishe House.  On top of that, we blew our $8,500 goal out of the water by raising more than $13,000! As a staff, it has been so nice to see all of the comments coming in attached to your donations. We all have our own reasons to give and we thought it would be cool to share some of the reasons that you gave when you made your gift.  Like Joelle who said, “I’m donating to pay forward the support that MHWOW has given to me.” Or Jonathan who shared: ”Moishe House Without Walls has helped me to revitalize my Jewish connection and grow my Shabbat dinner programming within my larger community. I’m constantly learning from other hosts as well as amazing Moishe House residents from around the globe. Now I want to give back to an organization that has really invested time and resources into my growth as a Jewish community leader in order for Moishe House to continue to reach other young Jewish professionals.”

We also wanted to give a special shout-out to our hosts who have made an effort to engage their community in giving like Chaya Bar-Chaim from New York who was name-dropped on multiple donations.  One of her community members shared this with their gift: “ Mazel tov to Chaya Bar-Chaim for bringing the joy of Judaism to young adults in Crown Heights! May you go from strength to strength. We love you!”

Big or small, we want to encourage everyone to step up and make their voice heard within the Jewish community by supporting Moishe House and what it has done for us all!  What we are asking is for you to take a moment and ask yourself what a meaningful gift to Moishe House from you would look like and make it!

So far, we have raised more money from more people than any other group at Moishe House and we would love to end the campaign with at least 100 MHWOW donors.  Will you be one of those 100 this year?

-Josh Traulsen