Though in-person programming has been on pause, tikkun olam hasn’t. Moishe House community builders have been hard at work safely helping their communities however they can. Check out their latest efforts below!

Moishe House Rome

Give What You Can, Take What You Need

MH Rome residents placed three baskets across different points in the city where people can either take or leave goods. Community members who live near the different locations also keep an eye on the baskets and send pictures to the residents so they can keep track of the participation.

Moishe House Sydney

Cooking for the Homeless

MH Sydney prepared a meal of fish and rice to distribute to the homeless population through a local initiative called One Meal – It Makes a Difference.

Moishe House Be’er Sheva

Community Assistance

MH Be’er Sheva partnered with local organizations One Heart and Ha-Reshet to help vulnerable populations. The community has helped by distributing food boxes to the needy, buying medication for the elderly, distributing flowers to Holocaust survivors, and more.

Moishe House Jerusalem

Local Produce Pick-Up Point

MH Jerusalem worked with local farmers to set up a distribution point for fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping the community healthy with local food and helping the farmers’ business during these challenging times.

Moishe House NYC – Williamsburg

Card Making for Essential Workers

MH NYC – Williamsburg called on their community to join them over Zoom to make cards for essential workers. The cards thank and encourage these heroes for their hard work and dedication.

Moishe House NYC – Park Slope

Calligraphy Lettering

In an effort to support local artists as much as they can, MH NYC – Park Slope commissioned House alum Ashley to teach a monthly calligraphy workshop for their community. In May, the theme was making cards for Mother’s Day and for essential workers.

Moishe House Atlanta – Toco Hills

Mindfulness in the Garden

MH Atlanta – Toco Hills partnered with Repair the World to do a meditation and movement program to support community members in need of an escape and some mindfulness. A House alum led the class!

Moishe House Barcelona

Supporting Neighbors

Since the start of lockdown in their city, MH Barcelona has offered to help neighbors in need with their grocery shopping and other errands.