By Liza Moskowitz

Community Starts With You, Moishe House’s first MHWOW-exclusive 2019 retreat, will gather MHWOW hosts May 31st – June 2nd in sunny Los Angeles. Before you can best serve your community, you must take care of yourself! The wise flight attendant tells us, “First put on your oxygen mask, then assist others.” When was the last time you hit pause to check-in with yourself, not only as a human, but also as a MHWOW host?

Spend a weekend with other hosts focusing on developing your own Jewish leadership, connecting spiritually through a communal Shabbat experience, learning from top Los Angeles educators, and relaxing by the pool. Really, Shabbat Sha-pool time!

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Retreat yo self > Treat yo self. You’ve decided to go on this retreat because you deserve good vibes. In Deuteronomy (15:4) it says, “There shall be no needy among you.” That speaks to both your community, but also the individual! Join a community of MHWOW community builders in first taking care of you before taking care of others..

SPF will be our BFF as we soak in the Los Angeles sunshine. I’ll be fulfilling my dream of hopping off a plane at LAX after this dreadfully long winter. Saturday’s wellness activities (yoga, sports and exercise, chillin’ on the grass in the sun reading a book, etc.) will bring revive your body. LA in May? Beautiful weather and a good rhyme.

We’ll be learning from Jewish educators throughout the weekend from different organizations across LA including:

You might be the only MHWOW host in your community and that can feel isolating. Meet people from around the country who are also beautiful, rule-breaking moths… I mean, interesting, friendly, and dynamic MHWOW hosts! You might find your own thought partner in programming or Ann-Leslie BFF relationship.

MHWOW hosts have 3 years to host programs, and as MHWOW staff, we might never be able to meet you in person. Come hang out with Terry, Alyssa, and Liza so we can show you our appreciation for all your dedication to building Jewish community.

Ultimately, we care so much about MHWOW that we want to create a retreat space dedicated to you. We want you to feel invigorated by the people and programs at the retreat to return to your community feeling inspired. Inspired to try new types of programs. Inspired to host more frequently. Inspired to invite acquaintances to build your community base. We hope to see you there!

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