By Liza Moskowitz

Take your Jewish education to the next level with MHWOW’s Activate Local Learning Grant. New in 2019 to MHWOW, the Activate Local Learning Grant aims to deepen Jewish learning within Moishe House communities and build relationships with local Jewish educators.

The grant will support you in creating a Jewish learning series on a topic of your choice, in conjunction with a local Jewish educator. Check out how the Moishe House universe has used this grant already!

Moishe House Boston Brookline explored the unique culinary heritage and identity of Sephardic Jews in a five-part series. In each session, participants learned about the history of the Sephardic Jewish community through text-based discussion as well as cooking traditional Sephardic foods.

Moishe House Chicago Lakeview & Moishe House Chicago Old Town facilitated a five-part learning series with Base Hillel. Titled Judaism and the Environment, the community learned about their relationship to the environment through Jewish texts. They finished the series with a weekend camping trip to connect with nature outside of Chicago.

Moishe House Shanghai offered a course called “Taste of Judaism” so community members could learn everything they wanted to know about Judaism, but were afraid to ask!

Sound interesting to you? Want to push yourself out of your comfort zone to try something new? Let’s make your learning series come to life. Start your application here.

  • Minimum of 3 learning sessions hosted within a 6 month time period
  • Series content should be rooted in and contain Jewish text and content. There is a space in your application to provide session descriptions.
  • Your educator should be local and needs to be approved by Rabbi Brad. Don’t know who to ask? Contact Rabbi Brad at to find Jewish educators in your area.
  • Receive up to an additional $100 for each session (on top of your standard MHWOW programming budget), with a maximum of $500 granted per series
  • MHWOW Programming Budget – Anything that is normally reimbursable for MHWOW!
  • Activate Local Learning Grant Budget – Space rental (if needed) and/or educator payment (direct payment or a gift)
  • Each host can receive the grant 1 time during 2019

MHWOW wants to support you in creating impactful Jewish experiences, and the Activate Local Learning Grant is one way to elevate your programming in 2019. Apply today!

Reach out to me at if you have any questions!