Exploring the Middle East Conflict Thru the Lens of Graphic Novels
Eli Reiter, Brooklyn, New York

“I’m giving a mini lecture and facilitating a conversation about the dozen graphic novels covering Israel/Palestine and the ethics of telling these tales in graphic form. Are they journalism? Memoir? How do we read them in light of the facts? Do they need to tell ‘both sides?'”

Coalition Series: Liberian Shabbat
Lauren Hoffman, Detroit, Michigan

“The program was inspired by an initiative that launched earlier this year in Detroit called The Coalition for Black and Jewish Unity, which came together following the Unite the Right rallies in Charlottesville in an effort to form a unified voice against antisemitism and racism.

With the Coalition Series, we’re bringing together a group of the coolest Black and Jewish (and Black Jewish!) Detroiters that we know to eat delicious Shabbat dinners prepared by aspiring Black chefs in the city.

The ultimate goal is to inspire collaboration between Black and Jewish Detroiters by fostering authentic relationships. Our only ask for the group is that everyone finds someone who they didn’t previously know to grab coffee, lunch, or a drink!”
–Jacob Evan Smith, Co-Founder of The Returning Citizen and Creator of WhatFAD.com

Cooking for Homeless People
Nataliya Pushkin, Berlin, Germany

“We want to cook food for homeless people that is going to be distributed afterwards (I will ask the community to bring food that we can prepare). Moreover, I was planning on making  hygiene kits including shampoo & shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, and disinfecting wipes.”

Conversion Celebration
Allie Wilkinson, Washington D.C.

“On Sept. 4th I will officially join the Jewish people and want to celebrate with the community and friends that I’ve made.” Congratulations Allie!

Introduction to Giving Circles and Havdalah
Josh Neirman, Washington D.C.

“A couple months ago I put out a call to my friends about forming a Jewish giving circle after speaking with friends at one of my MHWOW funded bagels brunches (it helped that my tzedakah had also recently filled up). Last month five of us got together to study texts provided by Rabbi Aaron Potek and Jackie Zais from GatherDC around what is Jewish about giving. We also reviewed resources from Amplifier, an only Jewish giving circle resource, that gave us the basic break down of how a giving circle works. We still have not had our follow up meeting (busy schedules) after deciding to each research a local non-profit that is benefiting the DC community. However, we do plan on meeting again even if it is a few months later! Regardless of what end up happening, learning from your Jewish peers on why they give is a powerful exercise.”

Shabbat Dinner & Open Mic at Nieuwland
Yael Tischler, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“A Shabbat dinner bringing together Jewish activists from across Europe to share delicious food, politics, music, story and other hidden talents.  The venue is Nieuwland, a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political centre and community hub.”

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