By Alyssa Gorenberg

Have you been on a Moishe House Jewish Learning and Leadership Retreat yet? Retreats are multi-day, immersive learning experiences designed to help you become a better host. Each (fully subsidized!) retreat has a different focus and the content is full of transferable skills that will serve you in your role as a Jewish leader both in Moishe House and beyond. Do you have a friend who would be a great MHWOW host? Once they attend a retreat, they can start hosting too!

There are three left in 2018 (2 in North America and 1 in Budapest) so there is no better time than now to deepen your hosting journey. Check them out!

Jewish Leadership Development Summit

Atlanta, GA from November 30th – December 2nd, 2018

We’re all leaders sometimes – at work, at home, in our social circles, in our passion projects – but how does one become a great leader? What about a great Jewish leader? Let’s come together to explore how real facilitation techniques, some group dynamics training, and Jewish learning can help us become more impactful and inspiring leaders. Apply here!

No Place Like Home: A Jewish Hosting Bootcamp

Falls Village, CT from December 14th – 16th, 2018

What’s a mezuzah? Why do I need one? What can I feed 50 people that suits everyone’s dietary restrictions and my budget? Sometimes being the hostess with the mostest is harder than it seems, especially with guests coming from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Let’s swap some strategies for how we can welcome ALL into our homes, whether that means a quick kitchen Kashering or some Autism friendly icebreakers. We’re rolling out the welcome mat, cause this one’s an open invitation! Apply here!

Give and Take: Judaism in Dialogue with Popular Culture

Budapest, Hungary from December 14th – 16th, 2018

Was Superman Jewish? Why are Christmas and Hannukah so close? Is there a klezmer tune behind that rap song? Jewish communities have always been in dialogue with their surroundings. Jewish art, culture, and ideas have greatly influenced the non-Jewish world, and vice versa. How did that happen? What does that teach us about Jewish history and geography, and about Judaism in general? Join us to find out more! You’ll come back with new skills to bring Jewish insight in your everyday programming and secular insights into your Jewish programming. Apply here!

А был ли Супермен евреем? Почему Рождество и Ханука всегда следуют друг за другом? А не клейзмерские ли мотивы слышны в этом хип-хоп треке? Еврейские общины всегда находились в диалоге со своим окружением: еврейские мысль и культура оказали огромное влияние на не еврейский мир (и также – наоборот). Как это получилось? Чему нас учит этот опыт в контексте еврейской истории, географии и иудаизма в целом? Присоединяйся к нам, чтобы разобраться и получить вдохновение и навыки для создания еврейских (и не только) программ! применимо здесь!

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