By Sara Waxman and Hannah Schaeffer

At The Well brings women together at the intersection of Jewish spirituality and wellness. 

We are making space for millenial women to tap into a deep well of Jewish wisdom, ritual and holiness. The arc of our events are meant to inspire women to live whole, healthy lives and lift each other up. 

What does this look like? On each new moon (the beginning of each Hebrew month), women around the world come together with their local communities to form Well Circles. Well Circles are a warm, close space for women to show up completely, to refresh and set an intention for the coming month and to mark the moment with Jewish ritual and ancient wisdom. Using At The Well’s monthly Moon Manuals and blog posts as a guide, the circles are sprinkled with deep content, close sharing and a chance to reach for wellness and healing together. 

We offer the resources, the rituals and the teachings, and you bring the content to life. As Moishe House residents, building and sustaining community is your cup of tea. Our content is at your fingertips, ready for your personal touch. Our materials are there for you to make meaningful wellness connections in your events, retreats and homes. We empower you to start a circle or share our resources out into the world, so that holistic wellness and Jewish wisdom reaches further and brings together more women.

If you choose to start a Well Circle or incorporate our resources, we want to support you along the way and hear about your experience! You will be part of a growing and interconnected network, and we want to weave you together with our fabric of our thousands of voices. Tag us in your events, interact with our social media (we post daily to instagram), email us whenever you do something inspired by your work! 

As a Jewish communal weaver, you have true insight into designing meaningful experiences. Consider one day contributing to our blog to help inspire more people!

If you’d like to reach out for one on one support or to share your Well Circle story- email