By Ziva Sholin, MHWOW Program Coordinator

How does NASA organize their Passover seders in space?


Okay cheesy jokes aside, want to how MHWOW hosts celebrated Passover? Between all the matzah pizza parties, escape rooms, Mimouna festivals, and beautiful seders with friends, we loved seeing the creative ways you observed the holiday! Check out some highlights below.

Sephardic Passover Seder
Renee Schapiro, Somerville, MA

“We will explore the Sephardic tradition celebration of Passover with classic dishes and a Sephardic Haggadah. Attendees will learn about the Sephardic tradition, enjoy delicious food, and connect with one another.”

Passover Seder in the Desert
Ari Gwasdoff, Stockton, CA

“We will be going over the whole story of Passover while doing fun programming like an escape room to learn about our escape from Egypt. Each participant has been instructed to come to the seder with a fun skit, song, or another piece to describe the part of the seder that was assigned to them!”

Gabriela Levy Dinkhuysen, Lisbon, Portugal

“We will do the Moroccan tradition and have a table full of sweets and just have a sugar overdose during the evening while making moufletas. [The goal is] to preserve and promote the Moroccan tradition since it has been the one founding tradition from the Lisbon Jewish Community.”

Refugee Passover Seder
Jennifer Chemel, Arlington, VA

“Making my own Haggadah to include passages and refugee stories, specifically focusing on non-Jewish refugees in Israel. May look into serving some dishes of those groups, in addition to traditional dishes.”

Pesach Seder with the family you choose: friends!
Carla Chernomordik, Rosario, Argentina

“We will celebrate the second night of Passover with a large group of friends. Most of them are from different cities of Argentina, and they came to live in Rosario to study or work. As they are living far away from their families, this will be the only opportunity for them to have a traditional dinner this year. We are going to do all the steps of the seder, singing with alive music, and eating the traditional food. To do that, the hazan of the community with one of the guests, that is a well known musician, are going to help with the haggadah and the music, and the others are going to help cooking, because the experience will begin before pesach, all of us working together.”

Freedom and Queerdom: A Passover Story
Joseph Levin Manning, Washington, DC

“It will be a seder but with rainbows. To increase understanding for the parallels between the LGBTQ story and the Passover tradition. Looking to highlight specifically what are the questions we have to consider as we think about as critical moments of our past and our future.”

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