By Michele Schulman, New York Regional Manager


1. Who are you and why are you qualified for this role?

Hi everyone!

I entered university as an architecture major, but even though I didn’t become an architect in the traditional sense – I love building Jewish homes and community. As the Senior Program Director, I work with both the North American Resident Support (House) and the Moishe House Without Walls teams to support our many houses and MHWOW Hosts.

I’ve been a Jewish professional for almost fifteen years and was a founding resident of Moishe House San Fernando Valley (now Sherman Oaks), which serves the part of Los Angeles where Terminator 2 took place. Cool.

Through my previous work as a Jewish summer camp director, synagogue and school administrator, and youth worker, I’ve developed a life-long love for creative programming and supporting pluralistic Jewish experiences. I am thrilled to expand my role at Moishe House to further empower young adults.

2. What are you most excited about in this new role?

Working with both the House and MHWOW teams gives me an opportunity to connect the two programs, their teams, and our residents and MHWOW Hosts. By prioritizing collaboration between the teams I hope to encourage hosts and residents to work together and learn from each other. That’s why we’re bringing MHWOW Hosts to Natty Con, sending the MHWOW team on site visits across the globe to meet more of our community members and builders, and working with Meghan and the Moishe Pods to further develop what a Moishe House can be in the future.

3. What does your ideal day look like?

The other day my partner and I ate steamed buns, read a book, played Settlers of Catan, and went to the beach with her dog. I think we’ve peaked.


  1. Who are you and why are you qualified for this role?

My name is Molly and I was the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager and have recently moved to be the Director of House Programs on the East Coast. Originally, I hail from Oregon and started out my career working in the disability rights space. I accidentally became a professional Jew working with Hillel and have been with Moishe House for a bit over two years now!

  1. What are you most excited about in this new role?

The big change with my role is moving from working with 10 houses to working directly with three Regional Managers and two houses. I’m most excited to collaborate with the Regional Managers, be a sounding board, and envision how we can make Moishe House even better.

  1. What is your ideal day look like?

My passion project at Moishe House is Tikkun Olam, so my ideal day starts with a search of our Tikkun Olam programs so far in 2019. 

For example, the other day I noticed Moishe House Minsk did an entire week of Tikkun Olam programming and it left me feeling inspired and a little bashful at my own MHWOW programs. I then get to chat with a Regional Manager. Hear about the stories from the field. Brainstorm how to deal with a sticky situation. Then perhaps jump on on a Natty Con content team call where we dream up how to make content amazingand fun and accessible. Then on to an afternoon tea with a community partner to brainstorm about our new NOVA house in Fairfax. How are we reaching young Jews there? Who are those humans? 

And then, since it’s my IDEAL day, I go back to the desk and respond to every email and slack message so I can walk out the door to the 5pm DC sunshine (read: hot and muggy). One can dream, right?