By Mabel Frank, MHWOW Program Coordinator

Check out everything you have access to as part of the new program!


You know you get a monthly program budget, but have you read up on all of the other perks of being an MHWOW Host? Here we’ve compiled all of the additional funding you have access to throughout the year. Have you heard you get $100 to step up your Jewish holiday hosting, or coffee money to get to know other hosts? Read on, it gets even better.



The MHWOW Development Scholarship: You can apply for up to $200 a year to support Jewish learning, leadership, or other skill-building opportunities that will directly impact your hosting. Read more about the scholarship here, or if you already have something in mind apply here!

An MHWOW Tu B’Shvat in the park celebration.

The MHWOW Holiday Budget: With the Holiday Budget, you can take your Jewish holiday programs to the next level. This is an extra budget of $100 to elevate the Jewish holiday experience of your choice: maybe you’ll be able to provide a bigger spread, hire a musician, or find a rental space. This is your chance to get creative! Learn more about the budget here and apply here. Once you’ve been approved, upload your program to the Mintranet and include “Holiday Budget” in the title (for example, “Hannukah Party: Holiday Budget”).

Host Time! Budget: Get to know another MHWOW Host in your city or around the world with this budget. Up to twice during your hosting term, you and another host can go out to coffee or grab a snack on us, up to $5 per host, virtually or in-person. To take advantage of this budget, just apply in the Mintranet as you normally would at least 3 business days in advance selecting “Host Time” as the program type. Snap at least 1 picture or screenshot together and each of you should upload the participant information for the host that you met with. Your receipts should follow all the regular requirements, select “Host Time” as the Budget when submitting. 

Year-End Capstone Program Budget: At the end of your year of successful hosting, you’ll get an increased budget of $350 to host an immersive experience for the community you’ve spent the year building. Think rental space, big catered meal, maybe rent out an Airbnb? For this one, you’ll just upload a program to the Mintranet as you typically would during your final month of hosting. Start dreaming up your special program, the sky’s the limit on this one! *NOTE: When you’re applying for this program in the Mintranet, please add “Final Program” to the program title (for example, “Final Program: Shabbat in the Mountains”).


Other special funds available to you as an MHWOW Host

Jewish Learning Scholarship: This is funding of up to $360 for text-based learning experiences.The majority of the content and curriculum of the program should be grounded in learning about Jewish religious practices, culture, or history. Learn more and apply here.

Activate Local Learning: This grant supports hosts in creating a Jewish learning series in conjunction with a local Jewish educator. Dive deep into a topic with at least 3 programs and the Jewish educator of your choice. Check out some program examples here and apply here!

An MHWOW program to clean up the local park.

Tikkun Olam Enhancement Grant: This additional $50 budget is designed to help bolster your Tikkun Olam programming and facilitate pathways for long term engagement on a topic your community is passionate about. This budget can be used for speakers or educators, space rental, educational resources, special supplies for the program, and more. Apply here!

Grassroots Interfaith Grant (only available to hosts in the FSU and Europe): This grant offers up to $100 additional funding for an interfaith program, which could be specifically interfaith content or simply extending an invitation to your program for people from different faith communities. Read more about this grant and apply here!


Questions about utilizing any of these funds? Reach out to us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.