Moishe House has added seven stellar staff members since January 2019. We asked each of them which tenet of the Moishe Mindset means the most to them, and this is what they had to say:

“I identify most with the ‘Connect and Listen‘ aspect of the Moishe Mindset because I believe that we all create our best work when we share our knowledge and experiences with each other.” – Jonah Rothstein, Jewish Education Retreats Manager

“‘Connect and Listen‘ is the Moishe Mindset that I try to embody daily to make meaningful connections with our residents and hosts. I use this mindset to help set my intentions for my interactions with the community we serve and with my fellow coworkers.” – Shaina Abrams, Eastern Regional Manager

“‘Embrace the Unknown‘. Understanding the needs and learning new methods to adapt the Mintranet to achieve the desired changes is a fun and welcomed challenge.” – Mark Cento, Associate Software Engineer

“‘Live Well, Work Well, and Have Fun‘¬†stands out to be because it demonstrates how intentional the MH culture is. We truly care for one another and, in doing so, can be our best selves and put out our best work.” – Maeve Ginsberg, Communications Manager

“I love “Own It!”. In order to make your living place (community, city, country), you need to own it. And that’s how you can really do and have the best place to live.” – Leonid Rozengauz, RSJ Regional Manager

“The Moishe Mindset that speaks to me most is ‘Be the Difference‘ because striving to be the best versions of ourselves is how we become the best team possible.” – Ivy Berman, Executive Assistant to the CEO & Board

“‘Connect and Listen:‘¬†It is important for me to be able to create and maintain relationships, and I believe the most effective way to be successful is by staying transparent with others to really hear and understand what individual’s needs are.” – Emily Teich, HR Administrative Coordinator