From Terry Wunder, Senior Program Director: Ziva, who we welcome today as MHWOW’s newest Program Coordinator, has spent the last year and a half as the Administrative Coordinator for MH’s Human Resources department. Her ability to see potential in people, create meaningful relationships, and recruit them to become active leaders in their Jewish community is hugely important to the future of Moishe House Without Walls.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Current City: Charlotte, NC

Alma Mater: University of Oregon (‘sco ducks!)


Myers-Briggs personality type & why you identify with it: ISFJ – Quick to give out help and support to anyone that needs it, I can easily relate to others and offer empathy. I pride myself on being reliable, patient, and loyal (am I just describing a golden retriever?).  I can be shy, especially in big groups, and I worry too much about letting people down.

If you could have dinner with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be? 1. Beyonce – because I love her and she is the queen. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. – because he is incredibly inspiring and I want to know his thoughts on how we can better the world we live in today. 3. My grandpa  – I’ve always felt a connection to him even though he passed away before I was born.

First AIM screen name & why your 10 year-old self chose it: happyfeet692 – it was the name of a kid’s movie about an adorable dancing penguin and that seemed like a great life to me.

If you could be in any TV show as a character, which show and what character? My guilty pleasure is reality TV so I probably should not strive to be any of those people. #bachelornation #herefortherightreasons

Favorite Jewish holiday: Hanukkah because it has the best food and I love the idea of bringing light into darkness and that there is an everlasting light inside us all (embarrassing, fun fact: I’m afraid of the dark).

Favorite MH Event: Moishe House Charlotte did a game night event and we played a round of Cards Against Humanity that had everyone crying with laughter. It was so fun that I didn’t even mind that I spilled wine on my white jeans.

I can’t wait to meet you! Say hi at!