By Molly Cram, Senior Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

When I think of the tikkun olam pillar Prejudice, Discrimination & Oppression I feel quite overwhelmed. I think about the shootings in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Poway and now Denver. I think about mass incarceration in the United States. I think about the rise of antisemitism. I think about issues that are so much bigger than I am, with the solutions being at such a higher level than what I can control. And then I think about my Muslim Jewish women’s dialogue group and the 17 women who came to my house for a Passover seder last month and the iftar I’m attending tonight. I think about the event Moishe House Baltimore hosted in January with the former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland to discuss mass incarceration in Baltimore, the Arabic lessons at Moishe House Jerusalem, the trainings on discrimination towards Gypsy and Traveler Communities and antisemitism and Islamophobia at Moishe House London – Belsize Park. 

I often come back to the quote, “You are not obligated to complete the work but neither are you free to desist from it.” I am not going to solve any of these massive issues but I can have an impact. And so can you. How, you might ask? Attend the Moishe House Coalition Building Retreat in November, for one. 

Check out these programs from others in the Moishe-verse to get you inspired:

Moishe Houses in Atlanta: Pride Parade | The Moishe Houses in Atlanta came together to march in the Pride Parade along with other Jewish organizations to show their support of the LGBTQ community.

Moishe House Baltimore: Documentary & Speaker | Moishe House Baltimore screened the documentary 13th and hosted a discussion with the former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland to speak about the Baltimore criminal justice system.

Moishe House Capitol Hill: Juneteenth Celebration | Juneteenth marks the eradication of American slavery. Moishe House Capitol Hill celebrated with a discussion and drinks of this important American holiday.

MHWOW host in Portland, ME: Judaism and Whiteness Discussion | A MHWOW host facilitated a discussion about Judaism and whiteness and how community members can be anti-racism activists. The event was part of a series of conversations about privilege, identity and race.

Need some resources? Here are a few from awesome organizations committed to this work:

  • Repair the World (RTW) conversation guide on how to address racism as part of a multiracial, multiethnic Jewish community
  • ADL conversation guide addressing implicit bias and race
  • ADL conversation guide on being an ally in times of antisemitism and Islamophobia
  • RTW conversation guide on the legacy of the Civil Rights movement
  • Moving Traditions challenges traditional gender roles and celebrates a diversity of voices to move Judaism forward
  • Together We Remember provides an organizer guide to host a virtual, interactive memorial to commemorate the victims of violent hatred and celebrate the heroes who fought against it
  • 5 Ways to Inclusion
  • Jewish Muslim Relationship Building Guide

Want to spend a weekend thinking about this? Consider joining us for the Moishe House Coalition Building Retreat in November.

Want to chat more? Email me! I’m always available to chat about this.

Happy making-the-world-a-more-equitable-place!