by Danielle Trainis, Global Communities Regional Manager

Fall or Autumn, depending on where you live in the world, is an exciting and eventful time of year. It’s that time to bring out the Turkey costumes for Thanksgiving in the US, drink all of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, and start digging out the sweaters (or flip flops if you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere!). 

We wanted to showcase some of the best fall-themed Moishe House programs to give you ideas on how to help your community celebrate the next few months:

Throw a Friendsgiving program and link it to our Tikkun Olam Pillar ‘Hunger, Food Insecurity & Access to Clean Water! Moishe House Bethesda (Maryland) hosted a Friendsgiving Shabbat dinner and asked community members to bring canned goods as a donation. They donated the items to a local food pantry and discussed the overlap of food insecurity and the holiday of Thanksgiving. 

Some great resources you can use to create a program like this:

Mazon: Hunger Shabbat

Repair the World: Addressing Hunger Together

Repair the World: A Plateful of Grateful

Perform a Mitzvah with your community! Mitzvah Day is an annual day of faith-based social action that happens all over the world, which is occurring Sunday, November 17th this year. Last year, Moishe House Cape Town joined different faith groups to make over 100 

litres of soup for a soup kitchen. See the Mitzvah Day UK website for resources and ideas to help run Mitzvah Day events here

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned Halloween Party, or if you’re living in the Mexico City Moishe House, you have the benefit of being able to go to the Dia de los Muertos parade. Encourage your community members to dress up – pick a theme (such as at Internatty Con last year all the residents dressed up as British icons!) and celebrate secular Purim together! 

Whatever programs you decide to do this fall, make sure you tag @moishehouse and use the hashtags #moishemoment and #moishehouse when you post on social media!