The security of the Moishe House community continues to be a top priority. We are proud that no major safety issues have occurred at MHWOW programs to our knowledge and hope to continue to help provide safe spaces for young adults to gather. In light of recent events, we are continuing to provide all our community builders with resources and support to encourage good safety practices at all MHWOW programs. Here are some reminders for creating safe and welcoming spaces.

Know who you are inviting to your home.

  • Safety tip: Do you know all of your attendees? If not, do you have mutual friends (on social media) that can verify who they are
  • Welcoming tip: To learn more about a new person message them directly, “I’m excited to see you. How did you hear about my program?”

Know to whom you are giving your address.

  • Safety tip: Do not post your address or the address of off site programs publicly or on insecure sites like map apps.
  • Welcoming tip: When you do provide them with the address through a message or phone call, make sure to give information about parking.

Be aware of the safety features of your program space.

  • Safety tip: Know where the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and exits are located and ensure there’s a battery in the smoke detector.
  • Welcoming tip: Greet new people and give them a basic tour of the space, including bathrooms!

Watch out for safety issues or uncomfortable situations.

  • Safety tip: Keep an eye out for unusual things, particularly in public, like people that are acting strangely or unknown packages in public spaces.
  • Welcoming tip: Greet everyone as they arrive, watching for newcomers and starting conversations and getting to know them before assuming they don’t belong.

When a program is over, make sure your home is secure.

  • Safety tip: Check your home for locked doors/windows and damage.
  • Welcoming tip: While checking your home, look for lost and found items, and post a photo on social media thanking everyone for attending.

Be aware of how loudly you’re talking about Jewish programs while in public spaces.

  • Safety tip: If someone approaches you about your conversation and you do not want to give out your contact information, feel free to direct them to for more information.

Your awareness is key to the safety of your community.

If there is a major safety issue at your program or if you have questions about Moishe House safety practices please contact Terry Wunder, Senior Program Director at