Ideas to spice up your seder or add some light-hearted fun to your Passover program.

  • Pick an exciting theme and ask your guests to dress up.
  • Create a Passover Jeopardy style game using Kahoot. Or recreate your favorite game to be Passover-themed!
  • Encourage your guests to build a pillow fort for your program or find another fun way to change up their space. 
  • Collaborate on a Passover playlist. Have some favorite Passover tunes? Songs about freedom, liberation, or springtime? Bring your group together through song.
  • Have each of your participants change their background photos to different plagues. Strike a pose and screenshot to commemorate this exceptional Passover year.
  • After discussing the Four Children in the Haggadah, divide into breakout rooms based on which child people identify with. Each room can make a creative depiction of their child using any media they’d like, then present to the larger group.
  • Pick TV shows or movies and discuss which characters exemplify each of the 4 children.
  • Create a Where’s Waldo-esque afikomen search, or ask a participant to hide the afikoman somewhere onscreen for participants to find.