By the MHWOW Team

We’re here to announce some exciting news – MHWOW now has REGIONS! That means that your MHWOW staff member (who approves your programs and receipts) is now determined by where you live. We’re here to answer your questions, provide you with Jewish resources, and brainstorm program ideas with you.

Why are we introducing regions?

  • It will help us better understand specific communities and their needs

  • It is consistent with the way Moishe Houses are organized

  • It can help us connect you with other hosts in your area

Your region is determined by the city and state listed in your Mintranet profile, so if you move, please update your information in the Mintranet.

Please feel to introduce yourself to your new MHWOW staff member! We always love to hear from you!

Liza Moskowitz: United States Northeast & Eastern Canada

Leah Jalfon: United States South & East, Latin America, and the Former Soviet Union

Alyssa Gorenberg: United States Midwest & Western Canada

Josh Traulsen: United States West

Jessie Higgs: Literally everywhere else. Go Jessie!