Ask yourself:

  • How can you be particularly welcoming and inclusive during Passover this year? Who can you invite or reach out to?
  • What social justice topics might your participants find most important or meaningful this year?


  • Discuss The Fifth Child: the one who is absent from the Seder table.
  • Use OneTable’s Seder2020 to post your virtual seder, or find one to attend.
  • Share out stories, activities, recipes, or uplifting messages online throughout the week to bring your virtual network in on the Passover celebration.
  • Consider creating an interfaith Passover program or seder to welcome in a broader community.
  • Explore Repair the World’s Passover resources to spark meaningful social justice-oriented discussions during your Passover program.
  • Discuss the themes of freedom and bondage and what they look like today and learn about or find ways to support related organizations.