By Gabrielle Adler, Senior Southern Regional Manager

Ahh, summer. A time when school is out, the skies are blue, pool parties are raging, and EVERYONE is moving out! We get it, most leases end during the summer, and it’s the perfect time to try something new. But we also know that means a lot of turnover and some extra time spent trying to find your besheret (i.e., the one, meant to be) roommate and fellow MoHo partner. 

Luckily, with 13 summers of transition experience, your Moishe House family is here to offer FIVE tips and tricks to make this resident transition season as enjoyable as a summer breeze:

  1. Have you asked your friends? I know it’s almost too easy. But, you’d be surprised by how many friends say yes, sometimes all they need is to be asked! And what’s more exciting than living and programming with your favorite people?
  2. What about your friend’s friends? Okay, so your friends said no. It’s okay it happens but guess what: THEY might have other friends who would be interested. Ask them to post your MoHo search graphic and give you all a shoutout on their FB and Instagram pages. 
  3. Not-Only-Jewish Geography – This is a fun 30-minute activity that you can do with your roomies. Grab your computer, pull up your favorite social media app (Facebook? Instagram? VENMO?), and do a deep dive into your friends. On Facebook, search “Friends who live in (name of your city)” and a list will pop up. Go through this list to see who is active in your community in the broader Jewish community, and who is well-connected in general. Shoot them a short message seeing if they are interested or if they can connect you to others that would be interested and a great fit. The more outreach you do, the higher your chances are finding that special someone.
  4. Who’s Newish and Jewish? With summer comes internships, fellowships, new jobs, and graduation. Cities tend to send an increase in people moving to the area and looking for housing. Take advantage of this and post in FB pages that focus on people looking for housing and being new to a city.
  5. Have you heard of OneTable? OneTable focuses on bringing young adults together for a Friday night Shabbat Experience. Hit up your local OneTable rep and ask them for their opinion on some of their top hosts, Shabbat coaches, and their most active attendees. These people love hosting and going to programs and could be the perfect fit for your house!