Meet Piero Liebman, MHWOW Host in Buenos Aires!

Q: What kinds of programs do you host through MHWOW?

A: I host programs that combine a Jewish content together with a social aspect because I understand that’s the best way to make my community feel at ease. Each program is a new opportunity to bring a friend or someone I know to a Jewish experience resignifying values that we can acquire and put into practice through a Shabbat dinner, a chag among young people or simply a relaxing reunion to get closer to Jewish history or texts. I always support the idea of promoting a Jewish content through a perspective that has to do with a cultural regional aspect: like an Asado (Argentinian barbecue) for Shabbat, an Havdalla with dulce de leche, dilemmas in our local Jewish community.

Q: How did you get involved with Moishe House?

A: My girlfriend , Valeria Levin, was a resident at the Buenos Aires Moishe House for almost 4 years. During those years I used to attend programs and be a community member. When I was living in El Salvador (Central America), we were both part of a learning retreat run by MH in Encinitas, San Diego. I was looking for new proposals for the young members of the local community back in central America. I found out about MHWOW at the retreat and I decided to join the idea immediately.

Q: What are your goals for future programming?

A: In the future I’d like to host programs that will make these young adults leave their Buenos Aires routine life. Nowadays proposals in the Jewish community for universitarians are facing a crisis so individual, original proposals tend to respect singularities and fulfill the need of an original way to run a Jewish and young life.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with the MHWOW-iverse?

A: I would suggest without hesitation to [do as much as you can] to become a MHWOW host in your region because you can do something very meaningful in your area for your Jewish community. Turning your house into a place that provides highly qualified activities is an experience that you end up enjoying more and more each time.