By Ziva Swire, MHWOW Program Coordinator

See ya later, 5779 – make way for 5780!! We loved seeing hosts from around the world observing the High Holidays in new and traditional ways. Some hosts chose to have deep discussions and others showed us that good food, friends, and intention make a meaningful program. Check out some of the highlights:

Rosh Hashanah Card Making with Apples & Honey
Danielle Freidman, Brooklyn, NY

“We are going to make Rosh Hashanah themed greeting cards to mail to loved ones, and have some delicious sweet snacks. [I want to] build community and get people to create a thoughtful, handmade piece of mail (well, four of them) to reach their extended communities ”

Rosh Hashanah Apple Picking
Hannah Sonnenberg, Atlanta, GA

“Apple Picking for a sweet new year! [We will] discuss the symbolism of apples and Rosh Hashanah and enjoy the day, ready and excited for the holiday with apples to share.”

Rosh Hashanah First Night Sephardic Seder
Andres Jonathan De La Pena, New York, NY

“We will celebrate the new year and have a Rosh Hashanah Sephardic Seder. In honoring the plurality of traditions and customs in the Jewish community, we will be eating traditional foods that represent our hopes for the coming year as part of a Sepahardic Seder for Rosh Hashanah.”

Break the Fast with Sunset
Becca Jaffe, San Diego, CA

“We will be breaking the fast with kugel and bagels at sunset.“

10Q Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur Reflection
Ellen Oshinsky, New York, NY

“This program will use the guide from 10Q (Reboot) to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming year. My goals are for participants to feel more clarity for what they desire to cultivate in the coming year.”

Yom Kippur Spiritual Potluck
Mo Goltz, Chicago, IL

“Participants are invited to bring a “spiritual dish” to this “spiritual potluck” I provide a few links to articles and blogs explaining what Yom Kippur is, it’s meaning and the goals of observance. Participants then find or create media (poems, blog posts, videos etc.) and come up with activities (journaling, meditation, etc.). that directly relate to the themes of the holiday. Facilitated discussions moderated by me and other participants ensure that we are covering the many themes of Yom Kippur from various perspectives and modalities.”

Moroccan Sukkah Night
Beto Guzman-Abundes, Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland

“[We will have] dinner in the Sukkah with the young adults [and] bring young adults together to take part in Sukkot.”

Wine and Cheese in the Sukkah
Shoshana Brownstein, Cooper City, FL

“We will learn about Sukkot while in the Sukkah. [We want] to bring everyone together to celebrate Sukkot in our new home.”

Engulfed by the Sukkah: An Exploration of the Uterus
Ariela Yomtovian, Berkeley, CA

“Did you ever think about the connection between a sukkah and the uterus? With MHWOW, I finally have the opportunity to draw my quirky connections and share my ideas with the Berkeley community. We invited three speakers: a midwife, an herbalist and a Jewish professional. We sat under the stars getting our minds blown about the awesomeness of the female body! Needless to say, I am beyond grateful to Moishe House for their support.”

Simchat Torah – Dancin’ in the Street
Joel Croft, Washington, D.C.

“We will attend Simchat Torah services and participate in festivities sponsored by Sixth & I synagogue. [The goal is to] increase accessibility of Simchat Torah by providing a group to go with to experience the service and subsidize the cost of attendance.”


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