By Mabel Frank, MHWOW Program Coordinator

We’ve been inspired by watching the creative and exciting ways MHWOW Hosts across the world have been gathering in the last few months and wanted to pass the good vibes on to you! Keeping local regulations and personal comfort in mind, we’d love to see both virtual and in-person happy, healthy programs for your community. Need some inspiration? Check out these program highlights:

For Rosh Hashanah, Host Beto Guzman in Helsinki, Finland hosted a beautiful dinner complete with apples, honey, and music.

Host Noah Yaffe hosted a creative virtual gathering from Los Angeles, California: Zoomus, an Israeli Culinary Exploration. Together, participants made hummus and talked about the origins and ownership of the dish.

Joel Croft, an MHWOW Host in DC hosted a Shabbat backyard jazz concert to encourage participants to disconnect electronically and connect with one another. Together, they relaxed and reflected to celebrate Shabbat.

Victoria, Canada based Host Alexis Erlichman hosted a Rosh Hashanah honey tasting to reflect on the new year and bring the community together in a sweet celebration.

Jessica Weil, a Host in Ann Arbor, Michigan, hosted a Yoga Shabbat, complete with a socially distanced yoga class to practice mindfulness on Shabbat followed by dinner.

Lauren Cohen utilized Moishe House’s Anti-Racism Resources page by hosting a virtual Intro to Implicit Bias program from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Together the group examined race and implicit bias by reading, reflecting, and taking an implicit bias quiz.


Whether you gather virtually or in-person, indoors or outdoors, there are countless ways to bring your community together. From Helsinki to Ann Arbor, hummus to honey tastings, join the number of Hosts finding ways to gather. Feeling inspired? Apply for your program on the Mintranet today!