By Leah Jalfon

DIY Gelt Workshop
Allie Wilkinson, Washington, D.C.

“Learn how to make chocolate gelt from scratch and explore the fascinating history of the Jewish relationship to chocolate in this workshop led by Alex Voynow, a professional chocolate maker turned Jewish educator. Alex is currently the JOFEE Fellow at the Jewish Farm School in Philly and I’m excited that he’s agreed to come to DC to teach this special workshop!”

Allie is a freelance science journalist in D.C. who decided to convert to Judaism last year. Since becoming a MHWOW host last August, she has already hosted 13 programs! She enjoys arts and crafts, photography, cooking, and travel.

Channukah Girls Give Back Night
Sarah Freyman, Kansas City, KS

“I’m hosting a Girls’ Night to make menorahs to give back to the Jewish community!”

Sarah is an alumna of Moishe House Kansas City and works for the American Cancer Society. In 2018 alone, she has hosted 22 MHWOW programs, including making blankets for a homeless shelter and a singles event. Go Sarah!!

Chanukah Storytelling Evening
Noa Silver, Berkeley, CA

“The theme for the stories was ‘finding light in the darkness,’ and the stories ranged widely. Most people told stories from their lives, including a story of giving birth, and one of volunteering for Magen David Adom. Others brought written stories from authors, including a retelling of I.L. Peretz’s Yom Kippur in Hell.”

Noa was born in Jerusalem and raised in Scotland and Maine. She has her MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco University, which she’s clearly putting to good use in her MHWOW programs!

It’s Jewish Holiday Season Too! A Chanukah Celebration in the Land of Enchantment
Judah Horowitz, Santa Fe, NM

In one of the most Catholic cities in America, it can be difficult to find a space for a celebration of Jewishness during the holiday season that’s not overwhelmed by the local culture. We will be having a Chanukah party on December 7th which will include a menorah lighting ceremony at which everyone will have their own menorah to light. We will also have a dreidel competition, latkah frying workshop by a renowned local chef (Erica Miller,) and learn many Chanukah songs.

Judah is the first MHWOW host in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is fluent in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Aramaic, and has road tripped over 150,000 miles in the United States. He is a true leader and community builder, and we are so proud to support his programs!

Shabbat Chanukah at BCB
Hindy Finman, Frisco, CO

“The Backcountry Bayit is a Ramah-sponsored Jewish community home in the heart of Colorado ski country. Join for Shabbat dinners all winter long!”

Hindy is an alum of Moishe House Boulder and after 23 summers of attending Jewish summer camp Ramah in the Rockies, she now manages the Backcountry Bayit with MHWOW Hosts Danit Cohen and Zach Sapinsley. She has served so many communities, including mentoring teens in the Youth Courts program in Philadelphia and completing a half marathon to raise $4,000 for Friendship Circle.

Hanukkah Party
Natanya Meyer and Michael Braun, New York City, NY

I am blessed to know both of these wonderful human beings. Natanya has some badass job that I don’t really understand and enjoys traveling the world. Michael enjoys competitive karaoke, sports, and attending Jewish events. Probably for as long as I live I will never forget Michael Braun’s generous matching gift of $4,000 to MHWOW this year. Michael plans to host his first peer-led retreat in the near future.

Thank you to all of you who kept it LIT this Hanukkah season!

-Leah Jalfon, MHWOW Program Manager