By Liza Moskowitz, Associate Director, MHWOW

We can’t pass over the more than 100 Pesach programs in 2018!

With or without chametz, our MHWOW hosts know how to celebrate. Check out some of the highlights so you can be inspired for next year….in Jerusalem.

3rd Annual Passover in a Mosque — Jacqueline Soria, New York City

“My friends and I would like to attend Passover in a Mosque hosted by the NYC Muslim-Jewish solidarity committee. This seems like a really unique opportunity to meditate on Passover and apply it’s meaning in a new way.”

Passover ReOrdered with JDC Entwine — Ben Varhula, Chicago

“With support from JDC Entwine’s ReOrdered Global Passover toolkit, we will discover how four Jewish communities represent the importance of Jewish freedom and liberation. Food, friends, and fun are guaranteed!”

Harry Potter Seder — Alea Abrams, Kirkland, WA

“This year I am going to host the second annual Harry Potter Seder. Last year I had a bunch of friends over and got some Harry Potter Haggadahs. It was a great way to include some non Jewish friends and to educate them about this holiday. Plus it’s fun to have a magical themed Seder!”

Claire Denton Spalding — TL;DR Passover, Alexandria, VA

“I am hosting a Passover Seder for people with short attention spans.”

What Can You Make With Matzah? — Aviva Match, Baltimore

“Guests will enjoy making matzah brei and matzah pizza. Hosts will facilitate discussion of the Passover theme of freedom.”

Passover Picnic in the Desert — Shira Chandler, Jerusalem

“Celebrate Passover with a festive meal at Mitzpeh Ramon — had a wonderful picnic and hike and enjoyed delicious ice cream at the end of a long day outdoors.”

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