By Loán Lake, Sr. Communications Manager


In November 2021, Moishe House reached a new milestone of having a combined total of over 150 Moishe Pods (35) and Houses (118) simultaneously open around the world. To commemorate this moment in time, we are highlighting a few of our houses in various regions of the globe to introduce readers to the residents and share why they decided to become part of the Moishe House network.

Our first feature is Moishe House Paris – Beauborg. Meet Élie Touitou, Jonathan Msika, and Leo Tubiana, our resident community builders.  


Élie Touitou first learned of Moishe House through a resident living in another country. Intrigued by the opportunity to create a Jewish community in their own image, Élie made the decision to become a resident. Together, with roommates Jonathan Msika and Leo Tubiana the trio are the residents of Moishe House Paris-Beauborg. “I always was a part of Jewish communities in my city, and I loved the idea of being able to build a new community where every single person would feel welcome,” Élie said.

Growing up, Élie attended synagogues and Jewish schools and has served as a madrich and staff for Taglit Birthright Israel, helping for the past four years to promote trips from France and staff groups in Israel during the summer. Élie credits Moishe House with providing the means to organize the events they always wanted to attend and has learned just how much work goes into building a community of peers in a city the size of Paris. 

Similarly, Leo was an active participant in Habonim Dror Paris and learned of Moishe House through a friend. Leo loved being able to meet young Jewish people through programming and wanted to get involved immediately. Leo agrees that planning programs as a resident is a tremendous undertaking but the impact outweighs the work involved. “The most unique program we hosted would probably be our ‘Pesach Escape Game,’ as it took months of preparation and was amazing; however, my favorite one [programs] would be our ‘Mind, Body and Soul Shavuot retreat’ where we organized a full weekend taking care of ourselves in a beautiful house with an amazing nature view,” Leo said.

For roommate Jonathan Msika, Moishe House has provided the opportunity to continue organizing the types of events they participated in during college. In 2020, Jonathan learned of Moishe House from Élie who was already a resident. “It has a huge impact on my life especially in terms of organization with my studies, but also because it is a place for everybody, with such different kinds of events. Anyone can find his place and enjoy it!”

All of the efforts seem to be well worth it for the three residents and their guests. “We love to make everyone feel welcome, with all kinds of events! No matter what your Jewish background and no matter what your interests are, you will always find events to enjoy at Moishe House,” Élie said.