Moishe House Alumni: Once You’re In, You’re In

by Josh Traulsen, MHWOW Program Manager

If someone…

  • Lived in a Moishe House as a resident
  • Attended a Moishe House Learning Retreat
  • Facilitated or attended a Moishe House Peer-led Retreat
  • Was/is a Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) host

…then we’re happy and proud to call them members of the Moishe House alumni network.

At Moishe House, once you’re part of our mishpacha, you’re always a part of our mishpacha. We’re very fortunate that we get to spend time investing in and cultivating incredible young adult Jewish leaders. These people are smart, they’re engaged and they’re passionate about the Jewish communities and experiences they get to build.

And over the past few years especially, as our alumni numbers have swelled, it has become increasingly clear that we need to spend time and effort building out a network and opportunities for our alumni so that they know they’re heard, they’re seen, they’re appreciated and have the resources to continue their Jewish journeys.

Are there any alumni perks?

The main perk that comes from Moishe House alumni status is being part of a global network of Jewish young adult leaders, many of whom create and sustain relationships forged at Moishe House conferences and convenings. Plus, anyone who has ever lived in a Moishe House is eligible for a $250 travel stipend to attend a Moishe House Learning Retreat and has access to up to $180 in scholarships for Jewish learning programs outside of Moishe House, which is the same perk that exists for “highly active” MHWOW hosts, or those who host 4+ programs in a 12-month span. Further, Moishe House staff also engage alumni in a variety of activities, from participating in donor and partner gatherings to asking for their help forging connections in cities where we hope to expand Moishe House’s reach. No one can speak to the Moishe House experience more authentically than someone who has actually lived it.

What is the Alumni Board?

Moishe House’s Alumni Board

In 2018, Moishe House put out a call for applications to join the first-ever Alumni Board and after carefully reviewing all of the applicants, 11 people were selected from around the world to represent the alumni community in all things Moishe. Since their first meeting in April 2018, the Alumni Board has helped to re-shape the Ambassador Circle, collected feedback on behalf of Moishe House staff about new programs and initiatives, represented Moishe House at conferences and is currently working to introduce Moishe House Community Giving Circles in Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

The Alumni Board is made up of resident and retreat alumni and meets virtually four times per year. They communicate regularly over phone and email and each spend about 5-8 hours per month working on projects related to alumni like fundraising, networking, and communications. Applications for the first full-year term on the board will open in November and the 2019 Alumni Board will be announced in January.

What is the Ambassador Circle?

The Ambassador Circle engages Moishe House alumni who have come together to personally support Moishe House, raise funds for the organization, have their voice heard, give their time, build community and bolster the program that impacted them.

Through a monthly gift of $15 or more per month, or a one-time gift of $180 or more, Moishe House Ambassadors give back to the organization that has done so much for them and recognize that empowering Jewish young adult community builders  is important to the future of the Jewish people.


To learn more about Moishe House alumni, visit or contact staff member Josh Traulsen.