2019: What’s in store for MHWOW?

MHWOW has seen massive growth in the past few years, and MHWOW hosts are doing thousands more programs annually. The MHWOW team has a responsibility to make MHWOW Jewish experiences both high-quality and sustainable for many new hosts to come.
In 2019, Moishe House is thrilled to support 3,600 programs. That’s the most we’ve ever funded. It’s basically ten MHWOW programs every – single – day.

Through our evaluation this past year, we’ve learned that hosts and participants are most impacted by programs with Jewish content.

We’re committed to supporting as many high-quality Jewish experiences as possible, so in 2019, we’re only supporting programs with Jewish content.

Expanded program categories and an intentional Mintranet program application will help you and MHWOW staff build impactful Jewish communities.


Cohosting is successful because of the power of the people. We sent out a survey asking for hosts’ thoughts on cohosting earlier this year. We heard people enjoyed cohosting because it shared responsibilities and brought together diverse ideas and networks. MHWOW is dedicated to collaborative programming and supporting as many programs as possible. In 2019, cohosted programs will be eligible for a maximum reimbursement of $150. Changing the subsidy of cohosted programs will allow us to support many more programs next year.


We know that in-person networking inspire high-quality programs and build meaningful relationships. In 2019, MHWOW is offering three staff-led retreats for MHWOW: May in LA, the North American Training Conference, and October in Atlanta— 120 MHWOW hosts will be able to attend these programs.


MHWOW hosts will have more access to grants in 2019, including the Activate Local Learning Grant! This grant will support a Jewish learning series of your choice and a local Jewish educator who can help you bring your learning series to life. Keep an eye out for more info about grants in January.

Our strategic updates and additions to MHWOW ensure that creating awesome Jewish programs is our primary focus while continuing to support what hosts value most from MHWOW: creative freedom, hosting any day of the week in any location for up to 3 years, the flexibility to plan programs only a few days in advance, the reimbursement subsidy, and a no-minimum, 24-program annual maximum.

2019 is about to be our best year yet. We can’t wait to see where you will take us.

Happy hosting!

– Alyssa, Jessie, Josh, Leah, Liza, Valera, and Terry