Moishe House - Ambassadors Circle

The Ambassadors Circle is Moishe House’s alumni only giving society designed for those in our community who have made the commitment to help sustain Moishe House’s future through a meaningful minimum monthly contribution of $15 per month (or $180/year). All gifts made as part of the Ambassadors Circle can be designated to support any current Moishe House community or Moishe House initiative (alumni programming, Learning Retreats, etc.).

Just as it takes a collective group of residents, community members, staff and friends of Moishe House to successfully implement the mission of our organization, it takes that same collective group of alumni to successfully sustain each of our houses and communities. The Ambassadors Circle builds off of the notion of strength-in-numbers, where many members of a Moishe House Alumni community joining together and making a monthly gift of $15 per month (or $180/year) will make an enormously positive and powerful impact! You can fully direct your contribution, choosing from a number of projects and categories.

Through your generosity, you can inspire current and future residents to join a culture of philanthropy that will shape the future of Jewish life.

Make Your Gift Twice as Impactful

This year we are fortunate to have the support from our Board Chair, Jim Heeger and his wife Daryl Messinger, as a matching gift partner. They recognize the importance of the alumni community and the impact we can have. They are generously offering to match all new or increased dollars coming from Moishe House alumni. For every dollar you donate, the Heeger family will donate the same amount to match your support!


Adam Dobrusin (MH Phoenix)
Amanda Snow (MH Toronto)
Ariela Emery (MH West Hollywood)
Aurelie Attia (MH Paris)
Avi Wolf
Benjamin Barth
Cecille Bernstein (MH Williamsburg)
Dan Horwitz
Daniel Guetta (MH Upper West Side)
David Zaidins (MH Pittsburgh)
David Rosen (MH Hoboken)
Eden Banarie (MH Los Angeles)
Elana Rosenbaum (MH Los Angeles)
Elli Brodsky (MH Chicago Rogers Park)
Eve Lowinger (MH Los Angeles)
Helena Czernek (MH Warsaw)
Isaac Bernstein (MH Park Slope)
Jamie Fleishman (MH Beijing)
Jamie Gold (MH West LA)
Jason Boschan
Jason Zide (MH San Fernando Valley)
Jeremy Moskowitz
Jessica Levenson (MH Upper East Side)
Joe Lakier (MH Atlanta Toco Hills)
Joel Stanley (MH London)
Joshua Krug (MH
Kenan Jaffe (MH Philadelphia)
Kevin Lieberman
Mary Ann Weiss(MH Denver)
Maxie Kalish (MH Murray Hill)
Maya Liss (MH Tel Aviv)
Melanie Swartz (MH Pittsburgh)
Michelle Talal
Natasha Nefedyeva (MH St. Petersburg)
Noah Yaffe (MH Los Angeles SFV)
Ofir Barashy (MH Las Vegas)
Rachael Himovitz Kallick (MH West LA)
Rachel Hodes (MH Murray Hill)
Rebecca Kass (MH Philadelphia)
Roey Kruvi
Shimi Azar
Shoshana Smolen (MH Murray Hill)
Steve Marcinuk (MH Portland)
Tanya Tkach (MH New York RSJ)
Terry Wunder (MH Los Angeles SFV)
Tslil Shtulsaft (MH Boston)
Yevgeniy Klig
Zachary Demby (MH Pittsburgh)
Zachary Friedman (learning retreat participant & MHWOW Host)