Yoni Buckman

Moishe House Bethesda Alum

Denver, CO

Yoni moved into the Montgomery County Moishe House after college, founded the Moishe House Bethesda, and lived in the DC area until 2017. In addition to working as the Youth & Family Educator at Adas Israel and living in Moishe House, Yoni volunteered on Jewish holidays in federal prisons, was a regular patron of an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, and picked up freelance SEO work for other entrepreneurial friends. Looking for a new city to call home, Yoni heard the call of Denver and moved out west where he currently works as the Director of Communications & Engagement at BMH-BJ. Yoni is loving life with his newly adopted puppy, Stevie, and spends most of his free time exploring dog parks, experimenting in the kitchen, and hosting MHWOW programs.