Valeria Levin

Moishe House Buenos Aires, Resident Alumna

Jewish Background

Growing up in a secular family in Argentina, Valeria Levin had no connection to Jewish life. In fact, to celebrate her coming of age, she had a quinceanera (a traditional Latin American girl’s fifteenth birthday party) rather than a bat mitzvah.

Moishe House Connection

As a young adult, a friend invited her to a Moishe House Buenos Aires Shabbat dinner – the first Shabbat dinner of her life -and everything changed. From a complete lack of awareness of her family’s Jewish story, to vibrant Jewish events in Buenos Aires, to a Jewish Learning Retreat in Poland, Moishe House paved the way for Valeria to build her Jewish identity and discover her roots.

Building Community

Valeria loves that Moishe House gives residents support and tools, but not commands. She describes Moishe House as her place to cultivate “ideas with no limits.”

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