Talia Chain


London, UK

Talia attended the Adamah Fellowship at the Isabella Freedman Centre  (Jewish farm/environmental center) in Spring 2014. The experience was spiritually invigorating and environmentally enlightening. It motivated Talia to create a similar program in the UK so others may engage with such a transformative style of Judaism which has environmentalism at its heart. Talia then set up Sadeh Farm in January 2017, where she teaches Jewish environmental education and spends a lot of time weeding, planting and harvesting. Talia also founded a charity supporting survivors of human trafficking. The charity runs large scale artistic events and funds survivors living in the UK to reintegrate into society.

Talia uses MHWOW to make a difference in her community. She and her participants are dedicated to developing sustainable agriculture and understanding its relationship to Judaism. Her diverse programs include everything from volunteering to a Jewish singles social.