Raanan Eliaz

Senior Vice President, Global Development

Hod HaSharon, Israel

Raanan is Moishe House’s Senior Vice President, Global Development. He is a member of Moishe House’s Executive Leadership Team, is a fundraiser, global ambassador, and supervisor for our international development team beyond North America. His non-profit entrepreneurial spirit and expertise on EU-Israel relations have evolved over the years, alongside his passion for policy, advocacy and education.

Raanan has been advancing Jewish resilience for the past two decades, primarily through activity within Europe. Until recently, he served as Senior Advisor to the Minister of Diaspora Affairs at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, and he previously founded and led as CEO organizations dedicated to improving ties between Israel and Europe (Europe-Israel Network, the Forum of Strategic Dialogue and ELNET).

Raanan holds a BA in Political Science & Multidisciplinary Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a Master’s degree from the Catholic University in Belgium. Raanan lives in Hod HaSharon, Israel.