Jake Sullivan

Resident Board Member
Portland, OR

What inspires you to serve on the Moishe House Board of Directors?

Moishe House has been an integral part of my life for the last two years that I have been a resident. I’ve felt inspired, challenged, enriched, surrounded by great people and excited about the many opportunities involved. I felt especially inspired by the immersive learning experiences I have attended such as the Shabbat and the Creative Arts retreat and peer-led Trees of Life retreat, and those I have helped create such as the Cozy Cabin Weekend my housemates and I led on Mt. Hood last winter. Seeing community members create friendships around me as a result of our efforts to plan programs inspires me every day. I hope I can give back to Moishe House through the Board and my remaining time as a resident.

Past/Present Leadership Positions:
Resident of Moishe House Portland