Faith Leener

Executive Director, Base

she/hers Brooklyn, NY

Faith Leener joins Moishe House as the Founding Executive Director of Base, overseeing the growing network of Bases and leading Base’s strategic development, fundraising, and expansion efforts. She is excited to grow Base’s footprint at Moishe House – connecting more young adults to Rabbis as spiritual mentors, pastoral guides, educators, and local organizers. She believes that Judaism and Jewish community, if offered and cultivated with intention, authenticity, openness, and curiosity, have the capacity to bring tremendous meaning, purpose, and joy to our lives.

Faith holds a BA in American History from Brandeis University, an MPA in Public Policy & Non-Profit Management and an MA in Judaic Studies, both from NYU. Although she is a proud Charlotte native, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband Rabbi Jon and her two delicious children, Yehuda (Hudi), and Hannah. In her spare time she sits on the Board of Directors of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, volunteers with ImmerseNYC, and collaborates with friends and artists on creating and leading experiences grounded in Jewish spirituality and mindfulness practices.