Beto Guzmán Abundes

How did you end up in Finland?
I ended up in Finland randomly, I was filling out papers to go to Haifa, got as far as to get professor recommendations and all but then I found out through a friend about an internship in Finland and took it…after being in Finland for my internship, I decided to come back to do my masters and now I’ve almost finished but started working at Neverthink ( and stayed in Helsinki.
What kinds of programs do you host through MHWOW?
I have hosted Friday night dinners, Sukkot, Rosh Hashanah, Passover Seders and now the Hanukkah party. It has been great to get people together and they have been super supportive in the community so I have hosted there and others at my place.
How did you get involved with Moishe House?
I got involved thanks to my friend Jake Berger, who was the fellow at the Helsinki Jewish Community last year. He hosted us at his place several times and and told me and my friend Anton about Moishe House and a retreat that was opening up in Czech Republic, so we went there and loved it.
What are your goals for future programming? 
Well it’s been super cool to have more and more people come to the programs, so I was talking to some friends both in Russia and Estonia for a while now about trying to get together in Helsinki. We want to get a bunch of us from Helsinki, Tallinn and even Latvia and St. Petersburg together sometime in the spring so we can know each other and figure out how to interact more.
Anything else you’d like to share with the MHWOW-iverse?
Well Helsinki might be cold and a bit far but we are always happy to meet people who are passing by so if you are in Finland reach out and come have dinner with a bunch of us, we love that.
We really appreciate all that Moishe House does and the community is super happy, all the young people coming for the programs have been super open and excited to get closer.
Facebook: Beto Guzman Abundes
IG: @betofromtheblock