Becky Bordo


Los Angeles, CA

“I’m an Israeli oreo. I’m half Sephardic (my mom is Moroccan, and yes she makes THE BEST spicy fish, and yes I have the recipe) and the other half is Ashkenazi (my father is Russian, and yes he raised us on cold cuts and vodka, in moderation of course). As an Israeli born and Philly bred young Jewish creative, I found my unique voice on the stage. I started out in community theater and also participated in competitive vocal and public speaking competitions throughout all of my schooling. By time college came around, I knew I wanted to leave my mark through some form of storytelling. Which brought me me to Los Angeles, a gut-instinct move that led to a heart-opening past nine years. Today, I create content for brands whilst developing and producing my own. I’m passionate about creating conscious works of art, from film to TV to theater to music to social content. I believe that we can shift perspectives and thus change the world through media and conscious communication. I am knee-deep in a personal documentary around Jewish interfaith marriage and the pursuit of my Jewish truth and identity. I believe that there’s an epic journey we can all take, but often we don’t choose to engage. It’s my honor to be creating a piece that educates and simultaneously works to inspire young folks such as myself to get aboard the spiritual truth seeking train. All aboard!”

Since August 2016 when Becky became an MHWOW host, she has hosted over 30 programs dedicated to #ConsciousCommunity. Becky says, “I think there’s a real lack of meaningful connection in our world, and to create a space for like-minded folks to gather and talk openly, to eat, drink, and feel a deep sense of belonging and joy is everything to me.”